Bus Route No 34 Eraniel to Nagercoil via Parvathipuram

Bus No 34 or simply 34 is indicated by the people of Eraniel to specify the Bus which was scheduled at 8.30 am from Eraniel to Nagercoil.This bus was operated by TNSTC (Tamilnadu Sate Transport Corporation) formely known as Nesamony from Ranithotam Depot. It was the first bus in Kanyakumari district scheduled to a village for college students and working peoples. At that time it was a boon to Eraniel and surrounding peoples, because it was the only bus which starts from the point and so they get seats in bus. This bus is famous amoung the travellers because of the puchuality and the arriaval time is before 9.00 am at Nagercoil. So it was very useful to working employees from and around Eraniel.

Orginally this Bus No 34 was a regular service bus for Rajavoor to Nagercoil. Daily the 2nd trip only operated for Eraniel. This bus no 34 was scheduled in late 1990’s. It was a town bus which has stops on all stopping point. The ticket price for Eraniel to Nagercoil was Rs. 3.50 in 1995. At that time the bus will arrive at 8.15 am itself and haulted for a 15 mins. After that the bus will starts at 8.30 am. But late after in 2000 it was slightly changed and the bus will arrive only at 8.30 am and return suddenly. After 2005 the importance given to the No 34 bus was slightly reduced because of the other services of buses which ply through Eraniel from Colachel, Melmidalam, Karungal, Thingalnagar etc. For every 5 mins there’s a bus for Nagercoil. So the importance given for the Bus No 34 was reduced. Also nowadays the bus was coming late and it arrives late by 9.30 to 10.00 am. Due to this college students or working employees can’t able go ontime. We request the TNSTC to maintain the correct time schedule for passengers.

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