Old Car Stand Eraniel with the King of Indian Roads

car-stand-eranielIn 1980’s to 2000 these car stand shines in Eraniel. On those days the only King of Indian roads Ambassador introduced to TAXI market and peoples around Eraniel make use of it. When these cars where purchased. the owners of ambassador car make it to TAXI and formed the Car stand at Eraniel Junction on Thuckalay road.

It was a beautiful view in early morning , when every car equally arrive at the stand with a punctuality and stand one after another. Because in these stand the car is rented with first come first serve policy. At those days these cars have a heavy competition and some cars also have a cleaner separately . “If you know how to drive an Ambassador, then you can drive any other car in the world”. So there’s always a competition in learning car driving.

taxi-eranielGenerally  these cars are called as TAXI which was painted in black and yellow, as per the Motor Law. But in these color the Eraniel car stand has only two or three cars, because people wont like black colors. Later when the Tourist cab was introduced the white color TAXI which has permit of 5+1 with Tamilnadu & Kerala ply a large amount on roads. more than 10 cars where attached to those car stand. Every car and car driver has a unique approach with the customers. Usually these drivers become more close to customers as like a family when they go a drive.


Mostly the cars at Eraniel stand  where usually pre booked by the customers for outing, temple vist, Tours, Movies and some Marriage fuctions. Before there were family cars and SUVS, all our country had was the Ambassador. There was a time when you heard VIP car, the only image that came to your mind was that of an Ambassador. Also they have a association and conduct tours and function. In Early days they conduct 3days of function for Saraswathi pooja. Those drivers and owners deserves a lot for people. But later after 2004 this was completely changed when new cars and SUV’s came into market.

But one thing no other car can beat this AMBY with powerful engine, lot of boot space.  No wonder it was rated as the best Taxi in the world.

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