Eraniel Junction

About Eraniel the ancient town

Eraniel is an Ancient Town in Tamilnadu ,India which was known as Eraniya Singa Naloor in olden days and belongs to Venadu later known as Tranvancore Kingdom. In Ancient days it was a major market because the sea port Kadiyapattanam, Muttom and Colachel were easy to approach from Eraniel which is 5 to 7 km in distance. East Road to Nagercoil which connects NH47 in Thoticode, North to Thucklay, West to Puthkadai via Thingal Chanthai, Karungal and South to Muttom via ThirunainarKurichi.

Eraniel Palace and the Marthandeswaram Temple were old historical and valuable places which were known as built by King Marthandavarma as per historical records. The palace is identifiable with three parts namely The Entrance Padipura, Kuthiramaalikai and Vasantha Mandapam. And now the Place is completely destroyed without maintenance. Recently Tamilnadu Government allocates fund to restructure the palace.

Though Eraniel is a major city in olden days, now it has Railway Station, Police Station and all other major Government offices are here. Eraniel Railway Station serves a major part of those lives around Eraniel, even people from Colachel use this Railway station for there needs.

Eraniel Police Station has a wide area control up to Parvathipuram overbridge and it comes under Colachel SP limit. All Nationalist banks are also here in Eraniel.

Government schools play an important role in Eraniel because, Government Higher Secondary School, Eraniel was an old school (Celebrated Golden Jubilee 100 years) which people from surroundings make use of it and it has an English medium in olden days itself. Also, Eraniel has other two Government Schools named Government Girls Secondary School ( Kottayakam) near to Palace and Government Middle School at Eraniel Junction.

Business in Eraniel

Paddy & Banana Cultivation is a major part of business here. A part from this coconut trees and coconut oil extraction is also done in Chekkala Street. Making of Jewellery and Jewellery designers are more here in Eraniel. They have a unique identity for making Gold Jewelery. In olden days the hammer sound always beats when we crossed any Goldsmith’s house or Assarimar Street.  Eraniel Sarvodaya Sang in Eraniel is known for handicrafts and Khadi clothes.

Eraniel is completely surrounded by Temples which are still known for there tradition and culture. Peoples celebrate all Hindu festivals such as Pongal, Chithirai Thirunaal, Saraswathi Pooja, Onam, Vinayagar Chathurthi, Puratasi Sani and Diwali.A few people’s also celebrate Chirstmas.

Kavadi Kettu is the important festival here in Eraniel. Kavadi Kettu or Kavadi Kattu was celebrated in Maasi Tamil month when the Thiruchendur Murugan Temple flag was hosted. On this day people from and around Eraniel celebrate this festival , decorates their temples with light and flowers. A Kavadi commonly known as Puspa Kavadi (Decorated with Flowers and Kalasam filled with oil or Paneer ) taken to Thiruchendur.
There’s a dedicated people from Chekala Street work for the extraction of oil, which used for Apishekam. Every year people took Temple Festivals( Kodai Vizha) in their respective Temples.