Hundread Years old Neyyoor Post office shifed to Eraniel Junction – 629802

The Hundred Years old Neyyoor Post (pin: 629802) office which is known as the old post office located at Thingal Nagar is a locality of Thigalnagar known as Post office stop. The large banyan tree is the identity of the post office. Though it has crossed 100 years the building is too weak and the Government of India planned to build a new building. So the post office is shifted to Eraniel Junction 1st floor of Apollo Pharmacy. It will run normally from today 22-10-2018

The servies are

  • Business Parcel
  • Business Post
  • Business Reply Speed Post
  • Direct Post
  • Domestic Flat Rate Box
  • EMS
  • E-Payment
  • Epost
  • Express Parcel
  • IFS
  • Inland Speed Post
  • Instant Money Order
  • International Flat Rate Box
  • International Mails
  • Mobile Money Transfer
  • Money Order
  • National Bill Mail Service
  • Postal Banking Service
  • Postal Life Insurance
  • Postal Orders
  • Postal Stationary
  • Postbag and Postbox
  • Registered Posts
  • Western Union International Money Transfer

Conditions for availing Direct Post:

Only un-addressed postal articles like letters, cards, brochures, questionnaires, pamphlets, samples, promotional items like CDs/floppies and Cassettes etc., coupons, posters, mailers or any other form of printed communication that is not prohibited by the Indian Post Office Act 1898 or Indian Post Office Rules 1933.

A minimum quantity of 1000 pieces can be accepted under the ‘Direct Post’.

Articles to be accepted have to be such that they do not exceed the length and width of an A3 size paper.

Articles posted as ‘Direct Post’ will bear no address or name on the communication. These will be accepted in bulk in designated offices and will not be posted in a letter box.

In case of articles meant for delivery in other towns, Direct Post articles would be accepted in PIN Code wise bundles.

For More Details contact

post office eraniel
post office eraniel

Neyyoor S.O- 629802

Old Location
Monday Market, Kalkulam taluk, Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu

Temporarary location
Eraniel, Kalkulam taluk, Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu

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